Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No Thing Lasts Forever

I have never been the type of person that gets very attached to material things. I have always looked at people that do, perhaps a bit judgmentally, and thought it seems they are just setting themselves up for disappointment. Maybe the fact that I never had anything very nice growing up has helped with this attitude. Maybe it is also the fact that we moved a lot. I was constantly giving up things for the sake of mobility. Even if there were possessions I wanted to hold onto they were often lost or damaged in the move.

When I was about 16 my mom went in the hospital long term so we had to put all our stuff in storage while my siblings and I moved around. By the time we were ready to reunite our happy home I found out that my mom didn’t pay the storage bill so all our stuff was tossed out. Every memento, picture, letter, yearbook, childhood toy… gone. I wonder if it was auctioned off like on one of those reality shows. More than likely it was trashed because like I said we didn’t have nice things. “Oh well” I thought, “Less shit for me to keep up with". I will admit I did wish that I could have at least kept the teddy bear I had since I was born, or maybe my sketchbook that had all my best work but what could I do.

Today if I have something I am not using I give it away. What good does it do me, or anyone, sitting in the garage? When the things I like are destroyed I say “Oh well. It was good while it lasted.” I guess that is a more positive outlook than the one I had as a teenager.

Paint fades,
Glasses break,
Houses burn,
Sofas stain,
Wood scratches,
Pants tear,
Journals are lost,
Jewelry is stolen,
Cars rust,

This is their nature. Did you expect them to last forever?

They say matter cannot be created or destroyed but the forms it takes certainly can be! In fact change is inevitable. How much power are you giving to your possessions? Does your happiness depend on them? It is truly a set up because logically you know that no thing lasts forever. Why put your faith in it as if it will?


  1. Losing everything.. If that happened today, I know I wouldn't be happy...

    1. It has actually happened to me again since then. Even though it might be rough I think we all have the ability to manage. :)